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“no-input output” album release

October 27, 2013

The Contemporary Music Lab (CML) at Dartmouth released an album of improvisations and compositions titled no-input output last Spring. Nathan Davis directs the ensemble and produced the album while Carlos Dominguez played percussion, Jianyu Fan performed on a no-input mixer, Ryan Maguire played the RM1x sequence remixer, Dave Rector played cello/viola de gamba and I played guitar/electronics and contributed the composition and mixing of the final track.

The album was reviewed in the SEAMUS newsletter by Tom Dempster. While he erroneously cites Ryan Maguire as co-director of the ensemble, he does have some nice things to say: “there are a lot of wonderful moments in the album and some lashes of vivid, mesmerizing colors amid some striking and gorgeous textures. “tomorrow” enshrines and distills all of the concepts and spaces of the album to a greatly rewarding under eight minute jaunt…” The reviewer seemed particularly impressed with Jianyu’s track “tomorrow” and complements it at length. Thanks to Tom for the detailed listening, thorough review and thoughtful comments.

More performances by CML can be found on their YouTube Channel.


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