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Chubby Leftovers

July 13, 2013

Here’s a video made using Processing and ChucK communicating via OSC. Originally I worked on this software for a performance at the Subtropics festival with Chübsteppe (CHaotic ÜBerSynasthetic Tele-Electro-acoustic Pop Performance Enclave), a laptop trio including Carlos Dominguez, Ryan Maguire and myself. The video engine is made in Processing and is controlled via OSC messages. I use ChucK for sound synthesis and for sending OSC messages to Processing to generate video that corresponds to the audio. In an ensemble setting we have the video engine on a server to which we all send messages. Each user controls one or more groups of rectangles that all appear on the same screen. By altering a variety of parameters one can modify properties of the rectangles and animate them. I’ve developed a number of generative audio systems in ChucK with corresponding animations, the video briefly surveys some of them.

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