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The Dream Team at Dartmouth

March 29, 2013

Following Green Orpheus’s Call for Works, The Dream Team came to Dartmouth College for their mini-residency, featuring a workshop with composers, multiple pop-up performances and an evening concert at Rollin’s Chapel.

poster by Alexander Dupuis (

poster by Alexander Dupuis (

The residency started off with a reading session in which Dartmouth composers got to work with The Dream Team. This allowed them to test out pieces and discuss the intricacies of instrumentation and ensemble dynamics.

dream team reading carlos

The Dream Team working on “soften the blow” by Carlos Dominugez.

We had pop-up performances throughout the Dartmouth campus. This helped to promote the event as well as expose different portions of the Dartmouth community to music they wouldn’t normally hear, in places where they often don’t hear music.

dream team higher ground 2

People thought they could just eat their bagels in silence but it didn’t happen.

dream team one wheelock

The guy taking a nap in the chair got a front row seat.

dream team library 3

Nobody actually studies in this part of the library.

dream team courtyard cafe

Nothing goes better with New Hampshire style taco salads than a harmonium.

dream team 1903 room 2

The girl hogging the couch had her interest piqued.

The concert was held in Rollin’s Chapel, the acoustics were amazing and despite the large size of the hall we managed to pull everyone in close for an intimate setting.

concert chit chat

Some people chit chat while others break down equipment.

The Dream Team played seven new pieces by five Dartmouth composers. The pieces varied enormously in aesthetics, structure and intention. They were all very demanding of the ensemble’s focus and musicianship and The Dream Team rose to the occasion.

in between

Soaking in the applause in between pieces.

You can see the rest of the pieces on the concert’s program.

They were kind enough to perform three of my pieces, two of which you can hear via the links below.

The House Special and Survival of the Concupiscent.

The first piece is similar in style to a work I wrote for TIGUE called Cinque, while Survival… was a competition between the performer’s similar in process to a genetic algorithm.

The entire concert was recorded and more audio/video should be available soon.

This event was generously supported by the Office of the President, Office of the Provost, and the Dartmouth Centers Forum as part of Dartmouth’s Year of the Arts initiative. Green Orpheus would like to thank all of those sponsors as well as the Dartmouth music department for their help in making this possible.

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