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Green Orpheus Call for Works

January 23, 2013

Green Orpheus, in collaboration with the Year of the Arts is happy to announce a call for works for the music trio The Dream Team (harmonium, electric guitar, tenor saxophone).

Selected pieces will be read/workshopped (Feb. 14th) and performed (Feb. 15th) at Dartmouth College while the ensemble is in residence.

All Dartmouth community members: students, faculty and staff are encouraged to submit scores, by 2/6/13, for this group.

(submissions may be sent to

Any concerns regarding instrumentation or questions for the ensemble may be directed to

About the group:

” The Dream Team is an experimental music ensemble. Formed in the summer of 2012, the ensemble toured the entire united states, performing concert halls, clubs, galleries, warehouses, bedrooms, basements and outdoors. The Dream Team is dedicated to new works and has received pieces from composers young and old and from all over, including Andrew C Smith, Jürg Frey, Craig Shepard and Tom Crean. The ensemble’s members are Jack Callahan, guitar; Mustafa Walker, harmonium; and David Kant, tenor saxophone. The ensemble is currently preparing for an lp release.”


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