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MIDI Jamz on Ice

January 14, 2013

Last November was the 2nd annual MIDI Jamz concert hosted by Green Orpheus at Dartmouth College.

group midi jam

This year featured an international call for works and competition for the best MIDI submissions.

The MIDI Jamz concert series celebrates the now 30 year old technology MIDI, short for Music Instrument Digital Interface. We showcase music created for or generated exclusively by MIDI. We encourage abandoned works from Sibelius/Finale that will never be realized by acoustic ensembles as well as purely electronic pieces.

group midi jam 3

Here is a recording of the concert complete with MCing by Chet Checkers and Franky Franklin. You’ll have to listen to the end to find out the winners!

We’d like to thank the Dartmouth Graduate Student Council and Dartmouth Department of Music for their financial support.

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