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Juan King for 4 Guitars

February 23, 2012

This piece is a competition between the guitarists. Each player has a series of guitar exercises that they attempt to perform in time with the metronome, if they successfully complete an exercise they increase the metronome speed by one click. If they are in the middle of an exercise when the metronome speed increases, or they make a mistake, they must restart the exercise.

The player who turns the metronome from the highest speed to the tuning note is the winner.

Here is the video of the premiere: Juan King for 4 Guitars

Feel free to leave a comment with any questions, or to request a copy of the score.


While John King has been a great influence on my work, specifically with regard to guitar quartets (like D4G15 ) I wrote this piece before I met him, so the similarity between the title of my quartet and his name is just a coincidence.


If I was really trying to relate it to John’s name I would have called it Juan Rey, not Juan King…

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